Data Center Colocation services

Awal Data Centre will bring you a very high level of performance rating by providing a resilient, fault tolerant infrastructure, redundant capacity systems and multiple distribution paths simultaneously serving your business.

Awal Data Centre combines state-of-the-art redundant systems with an integrated facility management infrastructure that provides:

  • Guaranteed uptime.
  • Faster responsiveness to your business needs.
  • Secure physical, logical data protection.
  • Maximized return on IT investment.
  • Scalable, and highly available solutions.


Colocation specification

  • Environment suitable for running IP Server and IP Network equipment.
  • High security – physical, access, fire, water etc. Good business grade security.
  • Reliable power supply, with generator and UPS backup.
  • Network connectivity on Awal IP network.
  • Secure Environment – Air Conditioning, fire detection/suppression, water detection.
  • Environmental and physical security monitoring.
Co – Location types :
Rack Unit

Single colocation server rack units are ideal for small colocation requirements.

Economical and affordable, you can rent up to five rack units in a shared rack.

Full Rack

Full dedicated racks are available for enterprises that demand high levels of scalability, power, capacity, and security.


Cages are completely tailored to fit your unique space, data, and power needs.

This is the preferred colocation method for companies with large amounts of equipment.