Privacy Policy

“Awal Telecom” prepared a privacy policy to benefit from the company’s services via the Internet, taking into account the requirements of its valued customers, which bring them maximum benefit to meet their needs and provide the highest level of services it provides. This policy has been prepared and formulated in a manner consistent with the privacy of the nature of the information that the company obtains from you and to help you An understanding of how you handle such personal information

Internet address:

By entering the company’s website, the following data will be available for the internet devices used to host the company’s website

  • Your internet address
  • The date and time you entered the site
  • The type of online browsing used
  • The site transferred from it to the company’s site

This website has been prepared to voluntarily collect personal information from you

Linking to other websites

By virtue of the availability of several links on the company’s website with the websites of other companies, “All Telecom” assumes no responsibility for the contents of other websites, including the process of collecting information and the privacy policy of those sites, which can be linked to through this site

Online questionnaires

Like any regular questionnaire, the surveys and questionnaires that the company conducts on the Internet allow the company to collect specific information about the uses of the site and the company’s services in order to develop the quality of service, which is consequently reflected positively on our esteemed customers with a reminder that providing your name and personal information is voluntary

Required information :

Providing you to the company with the information required of you voluntarily will help it implement your requirements to the fullest. Knowing that this information can be used to provide you with the best services with quality assurance. It can also be used for statistical and analytical purposes without mentioning who you are

Disclosure of information

Out of mutual trust with our customers, “All Telecom” is always keen on the privacy and confidentiality of personal information. Such information may be disclosed only when the company is legally required to do so or if the company believes in good faith that such an act is necessary or required to comply with the law. Or to protect or defend the rights or property of the company or this site or its users

Comments and questions for Awal telecom

The information you provide to the company will be treated confidentially. The information requested from you via the Internet will contribute to helping the company provide high-quality services to you as it will be used to answer your questions, comments, or requests by All Telecom or any of its commercial divisions.

Site contents:

All information published on this site is considered the latest and most recent information at the time of its presentation, but in circumstances outside the control of the company, there is a possibility of displaying information that is not recent. In the event, the “Awal” policy and procedures relating to hard copies will be deemed prevailing and applicable. Therefore, subscribers are not entitled to file a lawsuit against “Awal” or to claim compensation for any damages that they suffer or any losses that befall them, if any, as a result of their use of the information presented on this site. The company also reserves the right to make any changes to the site, its shape and all its contents in any Time and without prior notice

Changes in the privacy policy

With the rapid development of services, “Awal” reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the privacy policy when necessary

The changes that will be made on this website will be notified in due time, except for omissions and errors