About AWAL Telecom

Awal Telecom is the new Brand for Horizon ISP, an Iraqi company established in Iraq at 2009 and registered in Iraqi Ministry of Trade and become one of the biggest Partners with Ministry of Communication through the Partnership with Iraqi Telecom Public Company (ITPC). We are specialized to provide connectivity and information Technology solutions for enterprises and B2B market in Iraq We are leaders in providing high internet capacity for Public and Private sectors. Our Company is one of the main providers of Internet service in Iraq, where it owns more than one land port for passing international capacities in addition to the sub-marine line to ensure the provision of Internet service without interruption, we are providing the service to our clients in direct way without any third party to ensure service availability and reliability. We are the best in the market to provide you with ICT solutions that cover cloud services , data center services , and Security Services and home internet services.

What we provide

We build unique Internet experiences

Granted Reliability

Consistent Experience, Performance and Service Quality

High Service Availability

The perfect network availability in Iraq

Perfect Technical Support

Awal’s Technical teams are ready to serve 24/7


Towers owners

You are always welcome to join Awal family, be ready to join the best internet network in Iraq


Home User

Because you are the first, we offer you the Internet With an exceptionally distinct experience

Select your packages

Awal Telecom Packages for home users

Basic Package

Are you an individual? You want to reduce your spending, the Basic profile is the most suitable for your usage.

Suitable for : 3 users

Social Package

The Perfect package for small families usage. The package was designed to fit your family usage in Social media with great experience.

Suitable for : 4 users

Gamer’s Package

Be ready to beat the others in your games powered by Awal’s Gaming package, it was designed to provide the perfect experience.

Suitable for : 5 users

Family Package

The perfect option for the big families usage. Faster internet to enjoy watching HD movies with family and friends,

Suitable for : 8 users

Business Package

Finishing your work will be easier with Awal’s Business profile. Our fast and stable service will always have your back.

Suitable for : 10 users

Supreme Package

Do you have a big team that needs fast internet? Awal’s Supreme profile is dedicated for the corporates.

Suitable for : More than 12 users

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